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Find out how The Interview Group's professional on-boarding, stay and exit interview service can help you to reduce staff turnover. On-boarding, Stay and Exit Interview Specialists
Welcome to The Interview Group.Listen.Analyse.Retain

The complete outsourced on-boarding, stay and exit interview service.

If you want your people to stay, listen well and respond meaningfully.

The Interview Group's over-the-phone interview services and world class online reporting tools connect our clients with what's really going on for their people. Our interviews identify directly what action is needed to keep people. Not what might keep them but what will keep them.
  • Has your on-boarding process created a committed, enthusiastic employee? If not, why not? What can be done to engage that individual now?
  • Has restructuring, a merger, the war for talent or career stage put key talent at risk? What will be the most powerful action to keep them?
  • Why are your top performers leaving and what can be done about it?

All of our Interviewers have extensive business experience with the life and professional skills to get the whole story. Our sophisticated web-based reporting tools easily identify what action is needed.

Some of Australia's most respected companies have entrusted us with their critical interviews. Click here to see what some of them are saying about us. If you would like to enjoy the same benefits as these top tier organisations then please contact one of our team on +61 2 8821 7400 or email us.


Why phone interviews?

Only when people talk can ideas truly be explored, trust be built and the consistency and quality of feedback be ensured real time. Unlike online surveys, which are notoriously prone to 'tick and flick' attitudes, experienced interviewers elicit the honest, consistent feedback needed to make the right decisions to retain staff.

Conducting interviews by phone captures all the benefits of person-to-person communication, allows the flexibility to conduct the interviews where and when needed and keeps costs to a minimum. (Request our free white paper for a detailed analysis of the different approaches to exit interviews.)


Why outsource?

  1. Honest Feedback - independence increases accuracy, honesty and removes bias. Only an independent party has the legal status to offer a truly confidential communication channel if that is required for honesty.
  2. A personal experience - your employees have often given years of their life to your organisation. Asking for their feedback with another online survey can communicate a low care factor. Involving a person in this interview increases completion rates and shows you value their views.
  3. World class reporting tools provide insights for change - since 2006 we have invested in creating purpose built analysis tools. We continually focus our R&D effort on keeping our tools relevant, powerful and intuitive to use. These tools provide you with the quantitative analysis critical to championing your employee retention efforts.
  4. Efficient use of your people's time and skills - outsourcing interviews allows your people to focus on the higher value activities of debriefing reports, analysing and implementating of initiatives to address those trends.
  5. Leverage our deep expertise - we use experienced business people, many of whom are HR professionals, to conduct the interviews. They have the professional and life experience to listen and understand deeply, to explore, clarify, code responses correctly and know when there's more to the story.
  6. No-fuss - once an interview request is made online we take it off your plate. From there you simply receive and/or create reports on the data.
  7. Continual improvement - our scale allows you to benefit from new insights, ideas and interview questions gained through our work across different sectors, different employee types and organisations of different sizes.
The Exit Interview Specialists
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