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Technology - Introducing InterVu.Cloud


We have been in the Cloud since it was called the Internet and after 8 years of continuous development, feedback from the trenches and relentless scrutiny we are confident that our world class technology is rock solid and has every curve ball covered that an enterprise can pitch. We call it InterVu.Cloud

So what is InterVu.Cloud?

InterVu.Cloud is a cloud based, complete, virtual business-in-a-box for phone feedback and analysis. It is capable of being the single piece of software needed to power either an internal shared service group or external service provider.

Wow. That's a lot of adjectives! So what does that mean? It means that to create a world-class phone interview business  across the globe just take InterVu.Cloud and add great interviewers anywhere in the world. Full stop.

Because it's in the cloud interviewees, interviewers, administrators, clients and survey recipients can be anywhere in the world. This means that out of the box it has what's needed to be a truly multi-local virtual organisation - and this is precisely what The Interview Group has been doing for Human Resource groups since 2006.

Here's what's in the box?

  • Phone data collection - designed for making it easy for skilled interviewers to collect feedback by phone in a way that makes analysis a snap - 'codifying conversations'.
  • Online surveys - InterVu.Cloud is designed to the far tougher demands of sophisticated phone interviews. This makes dispatching online surveys as easy as falling off a truck.
  • Workflow management - a single control panel to manage the passage of interviews is designed to ensure the trees don't get lost in the forest. With 8 years of experience built in, the 'Dispatch Table' highlights the noteworthy, automates the mundane and injects sophisticated logic into interview allocation and billing. Clients, interviewers and system administrators all have their own tailored logins to allow them to see (not see) and manage only what's relevant.
  • Oversight - ad-hoc operations reports using the power of SQL lets you track whatever is important to your KPI's. Quality control surveys allow interviewees to let you know how your people are doing.
  • Analysis online - DIY individual, aggregated and comparison reports segmented by any combination of interview questions let you move easily from analysis to insight to 'so-what'.
  • HRIS Intergration via webservices - allows a client's HRIS to automatically submit interview requests as part of their normal workflow e.g. exit process. A unique fault tolerant and automatica follow-up system allows interviews to proceed even if data is missing or the client's system is out of snyc with yours.
  • Administration - multiple siloed accounts with fine grain control over access to data, functions and the rest. Drag and drop management of organisation structures.
  • Finance - tailorable billing for services, invoice generation and distribution, charge automation via Survey Scripts allows charges to added based on survey responses or meta data, filtered invoices for transfer pricing.
  • Privacy and Security - https/ssl, 2 factor security on sensitive areas, automated report distribution tied to in-survey disclosure controls locks in privacy at the application level.
  • Scalable and Failover Protected - put massive clients in their own database or move the heavy lifting done by the reporting tools onto another server. There are virtually no limits to InterVu.Clouds ability to scale. Use the same technology to keep a live copy of your database elsewhere in case disaster strikes.

Multi-local Business Model ... plus

InterVu.Cloud is entirely cloud based so that clients, interviewees, interviewers, administrators and survey recipients can be located anywhere in the world working from wherever there is a good internet connection.

Not only does this make it possible to be a multi-local company, sensitive to local cultures while co-ordinated centrally, but the incredible flexibility that can be offered to interviewers means you can tap into the vast pool of talented professionals looking for flexible part time work - one of the great untapped resources of our time.

Interview Forms and Online Surveys

  • Data Collection - 24 question types, page branching, advanced navigation. Includes unique multi-pass question types to help structure problem solving.
  • Enforce formatting in text via the power of regular expressions.
  • Fine grain disclosure controls integrated with scheduled report distribution controls.
  • Spell checking.
  • A persistent note replaces interviewers need to for notepad and pen when conducting interviews.
  • Multi-mode delivery : Designed for detailed phone interview feedback collection. Can also distribute on-line surveys for unsupervised data collection.
  • Foreign language surveys supported.
  • Extensive format control of the surveys look and feel.

Workflow Management

  • Automatic allocation and reallocation of interviews to interviewers to ensure you're KPIs are met.
  • Tailored interview pipeline for admin, client and interviewers displays only relevant interviews.
  • Rich, searchable Dispatch Table for easy visibility and control over interview pipeline from a single screen.
  • 11 different, automated status codes allow easy progress tracking.
  • Visual warnings as an interview's key date get close (e.g. departure date)
  • Automatic confirmation and reminder emails or SMS's using user defined email templates.
  • In application email client and email templates that can be populated directly from request from fields.
  • InterVu.Cloud Survey Scripts allows sophisticated rules for the allocation of interviews to interviewers based on fields in the request form and waitlising requests for future times (e.g. when probation passes..
  • Automated individual report distribution utility allows privacy controls to be 'locked in' at an application level.
  • Bulk request upload via csv file.
  • Attached 'post-it' note stores automatically generated information and user added notes. Invaluable for tracking unusual circumstances or delays.


  • Create, save and run ad-hoc management reports on anything and everything related to operations. e.g. details of disclosure rates, who's submitting interviews late, how quickly are interviews requests being acted on, what factors are contributing to below average completion rates?
  • Set up QC feedback surveys to be sent to each interviewee to ensure interviewers are doing a great job.
  • Scheduled operations reports.

Reporting and Analysis

  • World class report creation tool delivers reports in pdf, csv and excel formats.
  • Use any interview questions in any combination to define the report population. Allows detailed segmentation.
  • Four report type created through intuitive reporting wizards by client and admin users:
    • Individual reports - user defined template based report including identifiable employee feedback.
    • Group report - user defined template based report for displaying aggregated data which takes just 2 clicks to produce.
    • Custom reports - define the population and create the report layout on the fly to show aggregated data for any segment you can imagine and only for those issues your interested in.
    • Power Reports - compare the opinion of multiple segments on the same chart using the power of MS Excel Pivot Charts.
  • Saveable population filters and report layouts for quick reuse of reports.
  • Customisable chart defaults.
  • Board report quality output.

HRIS Integration

Submit interview requests via our Webservice. This means that your HRIS can automatically create the interview request as part of your regular on-boarding or exit process. Designed to be fault tolerant of missing or unexpected data won't hold up the progress of the interview.


Map the responses of multiple surveys onto a single benchmark and survey and run reports as if the client was BenchCo. Lets you tap into the full segmenting and layout flexibility of our reporting tool.

Organisation Accounts

  • Unlimited number of surveys per organisation
  • Sync' surveys to share and harmonise org structure, locations, custom lists across multiple surveys.
  • Drag and drop organisation structure management: A unique drag and drop organisation structure management tool makes it easy to keep organisation structures current and interview request data updated.
  • Quarantine data by department or location so users can only access the data they should be allowed to.

User Accounts

  • Fine grain permission control for access to interview forms, reporting, re-opening functions, benchmarking, invoicing and on and on.
  • Restrict user's access to data to only their authorised areas.

Finance Department

  • Create, send and track invoices directly from the system.
  • Flexible pricing structures (tolled, tiered, fixed price and capped)
  • Automate charge entry via InterVu.Cloud survey scripts based on interview responses and a variety of meta data (e.g. lead time, failure code, mobile phone usage).
  • Filter invoices to create invoices for parts of an organisation.
  • Works easily for billing clients or internal transfer pricing.

Privacy and Security

  • https/SSL - encrypted communications.
  • Two-factor password protection on areas exposing interview data.
  • Reports distributed via PDF to registered email address only - registered email addressed locked down and secured with paranoid intrusion detection.
  • Survey distribution controls integrated with automatic distribution utility so identifiable reports do go out before they're supposed to.

Under the Hood

  • Built for scale - not only can the Microsoft technology handle high volumes but the heavy lifting of the reporting can be moved to multiple reporting servers so the user experience is high.
  • Failover protection via a warm copy of data backed up every 15 mins.
  • Uses modern javascript libraries for great user interfaces.
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