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 why clients have chosen us

At The Interview Group we stay in touch with clients and interviewees so that we can confidently stand behind the claims that we make about our services. Click on the following links to see comments made by some of our clients and the people we've interviewed. This feedback gives us the confidence that we continue to deliver on our promises.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise: Since the beginning we have specialised in collecting retention intelligence via over-the-phone interviews. This means that all our attention, resources and R&D goes into ensuring that you are getting the best solution on the market.

Trust: Some of Australia's most respected and iconic companies have placed their trust in The Interview Group to provide an effective, efficient and respectful service for their employees. Click here for a list of some of our clients and here to see what some of the interviewees have had to say about their experience with The Interview Group.

Get the real, uncensored answers: Our outsourced, phone based interviews provide the highest quality interview achievable. How do we achieve this?

  • Use of skilled interviewers: In addition to low completion rates, online on-boarding, stay and exit surveys suffer from an inability to ensure data quality. Employees can enter non-sense responses or ‘tick and flick’ the survey. Even if this can be detected afterwards, in the case of exit interviews, your one chance to get their feedback will have been lost.

    In our considerable experience, on-boarding, stay and exit interviews often explore sensitive or emotionally charged issues that people would rarely divulge on a form or online survey. We have a number of clients for whom we’ve detected bullying, harassment or unfair discrimination – this was not identified previously using their online or internal interview systems. An interviewer highly skilled in listening and facilitating effective discussions is critical to the completeness and reliability of your data.

  • Strict disclosure control: Caution around disclosing sensitive issues is human nature and it can override even the most open corporate culture. Our unique privacy and confidentiality arrangements and our use of experienced interviewers allows The Interview Group to ensure that the interviewees can feel totally safe in being completely open and honest.

Simple and Convenient: Our web based client interface for requesting interviews and reporting is easy for clients to use. Once you have entered a request there's nothing more to do until the report appears in your email inbox. It rea: Our web based client interface for requesting interviews and reporting is easy for clients to use. Once you have entered a request there's nothing more to do until the report appears in your email inbox. Create whatever reports you need whenever you need them. It really is as easy as that.

Market leading reporting tools designed by HR professionals for HR professionals: The Interview Group invested heavily in developing real-time reporting and analysis tools specifically designed to meet the requirements of HR practitioners and analysts alike. Much of the effort has been focused on ensuring the tools are simple to use without losing the sophistication required to answer any question you may wish to ask of your data. We are continually refining and adding to our tools. They are available through our website and accessible 24/7 so you can explore your data whenever you need it.

Personal and respectful experience for Alumni they have: Offering to have your employees talk to one of our experienced interviewers rather than fill out a form or a survey communicates a great deal of respect for your employees and their opinions.

Why does this matter? If they are a continuing employee then they have a respectful and positive experience that shows you take their views seriously. As for departing employees, we know that endings matter. Typically 20-30% of people find their new jobs by word of mouth. The exit experience will have a material impact on how they remember and promote your brand after they leave. Asking them to confide in a webpage or form does not communicate that their opinions are respected or will be listened to. Asking them to talk with an experienced business person who has the professional and life experience to truly understand, communicates respect and gratitude for their contribution.

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