Saturday, 20 July 2024
About Us
The Interview Group Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Sydney, Australia. We have an innovative organisation structure - a 'virtual organisation' with only a small corporate staff and a network of interviewers across the country.

Our mission is "magnetising workplaces". We do this by providing intelligence from employees to help manage your staff turnover and engagement.

However this is only part of The Interview Group's story. We take our role as a corporate citizen very seriously. From day one we established our philanthropy program and embedded it into our organisation's purpose. We refer to our approach as "PPC" or Profit for Positive Change.


The Interview Group was founded in Australia by Lenorë Lambert and Matthew Ma. Lenorë is an Organisational Psychologist with 20 years experience in HR consulting and corporate human resources. Matthew is an Engineer and Mathematician with a background in management consulting and investment banking. Their biographies below offer further information.

Mission, Vision and Values

Magnetising workplaces


A world where organisations:

  1. Help people feel the enjoyment of achievement
  2. Are communities that provide a sense of belonging to their members
  3. Help people grow
  4. Are full of people who love coming to work
  5. Contribute positively to the world

Staff don't want to leave companies like this!

The Interview Group's strategy for achieving this vision is to provide retention intelligence as a compass so that organisations know what they are doing that is moving them in the direction of this vision and what they are doing that is pulling them away from it.


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