Saturday, 22 June 2024
Stay interviews

What are Stay Interviews?

Stay Interviews are a deep dive into the the engagement and 'quit intentions' of an individual. They identify what needs to be done to retain individuals who are considered to be high value and/or high flight risks. They can be used to retain staff during mergers or restructures, in certain roles that are turning over quickly, people at a certain point in tenure (eg. 18 months or 2 years), or you may simply want to interview everyone in your high potential or high performance groups. They are perfect for addressing hot spots identified by engagement surveys.

Stay Interviews are usually done on a project basis to address the issues above whereas Exit and On-boarding interviews are usually done continuously as staff join and leave.

For more information click the button below to download our free Stay Interview Fact Pack summarising state of the art research and practice in stay interviews.


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